Hi, I'm Mike AbiEzzi
from Boulder, Colorado.

I build web & mobile apps with a focus on architecture, product, and teams.

I'm an independent software consultant and often act as a fractional or full-time CTO for hire.

I'm also the creator of MentorFu, NineKups, and MailShare.

I'll be blogging shortly. Meanwhile, check out my blog posts while I was consulting at Quick Left.

Some tools of the trade include ruby, rails, javascript, node, react, react native, and lean startup.

Entrepreneurial at heart, I use startup principles to gain the most value in the least amount of time.

I leverage my varied consulting experiences to help teams engage and adopt an effective agile process.

I understand the business needs vs architecture trade-offs and help teams build a light yet forward thinking architecture.

I mentor individuals in my community. I also make it a point to mentor whomever I'm working with, offering a forward-paying value after an engagement.

Need help launching or advancing your product or service?

I'll help you strategically build an MVP with speed in mind, but also put into place the constructs necessary to allow both your product and your team to scale as your business grows.

Contact me - I'm happy to offer free consultation.


Boulder, Colorado
Sept 25, 2014

Montevideo, Uruguay
Build Complex Domains in Rails
May 23, 2014